How to become psychic?

How to become psychic?
just wondered if people were born psychic or is it something you can work at?

Suggestion by The Canadian Atheist
You simply lie about it. That’s what ALL so-called “psychics” do.

Suggestion by ~The Wind Blows to the Future~
Telepathic ability in general, has no inference to draw from…it is more likely that our complicated brains “trick” us from time to time. We all make mistakes, I think “coincidence” is more probable.

Test: Can you predict lottery numbers?

If not, then that ability cannot overcome chance, meaning it is not supernatural.

Suggestion by Z-Unit
Scientifically, there is no evidence that anyone is psychic. I would advise you not to google it and try to follow some instructions to be psychic. I’ve seen people do/eat/say/etc. horrible stuff to their bodies/other people/animals in the pursuit of becoming psychic.

Not that every “guide to becoming psychic” is horrible. I’ve seen just as many say something along the lines of “drink 5 cups of green tea a day and meditate” or do something just as pleasant.

But to pursue psychic powers is, in my opinion, a waste of time. You should focus on improving your life more (not that your life sucks, I’m just saying life can always be better).

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what is a supra celestial being?
I was told by a psychic that I was a supra celestial being, can you explain what exactly is that she is talking about; and certain keys that I needed to unlock my power potential. Is there any validity in these statements or is it just a ploy to exhort money from me?

Suggestion by Archer Sweetie x
its hard to say – depends on the psychic like for example did she have any hits with other things you have been through maybe that will give you a clue whether you can trust what she is saying or not. I have had lots of expereince with psychics and i have to say lots and lots of things they have rpedicted were incorrect for what was going to happen in the future. Some had hits.

Suggestion by Atoot
All are not exhort your money because these thing are present in this world here i am sending the link in resource where you can find the answers related your problem. visit.

Suggestion by Misscpb

I have found that various words are used to describe things such as “multi-dimensional being”, “old soul”, “light worker” and basically they all mean the same. It is the way we all are spiritually/energetically and how we can use that whilst living life on earth. Just like people have different abilities with sports, cooking etc, we all have different levels of abilities in the metaphysical areas of life.

You do not need any keys to unlock this power potential, all you need to do is daily meditation, start practising what you are drawn to e.g healing other people, doing card readings, practising mediumship readings etc. You may well be drawn to attend a specific course, buy a book, take part in an online course etc. Online there are some free web sites to help with development etc.

(chat room and forum open 24hrs a day, does free readings and also check out the calender as they do free psychic mediumship development online)

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

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  1. nnct84 July 23, 2013 at 7:51 pm #

    Look up “cold reading”. It’s a technique to trick people into believing you’re psychic. I think I’ve even seen books on it.

    If you wanna become a real psychic… sorry, you can’t. Neither could anyone else.

  2. great101 o July 23, 2013 at 8:25 pm #

    A person born with it can use it unconsciously but a trained one can do better I think.

  3. MONSTER July 23, 2013 at 9:14 pm #

    I think being psychic is a gift from God. Though, you can develop psychic abilities, but actually talk to someone who is experienced. I am psychic. Very hard time dealing with this. I had it ever since I was a baby. Yeah lot’s of people say psychics aren’t real they are. Just because nothing happened to them it’s not real. But there are people who do act like they’re psychic and jack their money. Forget what those scientist says, they cant prove or fix everything anyways. F*uck them.

  4. Misscpb July 23, 2013 at 9:46 pm #

    Hello Adam

    Yes everyone is born with natural psychic abilities. You only have to see children drawing their mum and dad and the dog, colouring their faces in blue, green, pink etc. The child is actually seeing the aura which is an electroc magnetic spiritual energy field surrounding every living thing. Then the parents say mummy, daddy, the dog etc does not have a face that colour and the child starts to think they are wrong and wants to please and conform to their parents. Its the same with school, its focus it all left brain and leave little to the development and intuition side of life.

    Some people are stronger and carry their natural abilities through life being aware of them, others forget only to remember or develop at a later stage in life. The best way you would know is to try with development yourself. Have a look at the site below that does free psychic mediumship development classes online, and remember that if you get things wrong a few times it does not mean that you cannot do it – its just a case of re-organising your beliefs and thought patterns and letting your intuition flow.
    (chat room and forums, check the calender for dates and times of classes)

    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx

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